Fuchsia ‘Swingtime’

Fuchsia Swingtime

‘Swingtime’ is a half-hardy (at best) fuchsia variety with white and red double flowers. Its tube and sepals are scarlet, its petals white with veins of pinkish red.

This is one of the fuchsia varieties which naturally grows upright, and can be grown as a bush. Its branches, however, remain sufficiently flexible and for long enough to be trained to hang downwards. The size and weight of the flowers to a significant degree produces this effect naturally, but the process can be assisted artificially.

With such large flowers of sharply contrasting brillant white and scarlet, ‘Swingtime’ can give a magnificent fuchsia basket. In the words of Stefan Buczacki, this is “Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding varieties”.

‘Swingtime’ is easily propagated by cuttings, using all the usual methods. I have found it one of the easiest varieties in this respect, with very few failures.

There is also a related variety, Golden Swingtime, which is similar in every respect apart from the golden colour of its leaves.