Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’

‘Lady Boothby’ is sometimes marketed as a “climbing” fuchsia. Whilst it is true that it can grow to a considerable height in a single season it does not “climb” in the usual sense of attaching itself to nearby structures. It can, however, be trained by tying or weaving some of its branches through a trellis so that it appears to behave as a climber.

‘Lady Boothby’ is a variety in which a large proportion of energy is devoted to growing long, rather than branching. In my experience it has to be pinched to encourage branching, and there is a compromise to be made between height and bushiness.

Flowers are small with crimson sepals and tube, and dark purple corolla. The sepals flare out at right angles to the tube, and the stamens and style are long, red and gracefully curved. Of the ‘Lady Boothby’ flower it can truly be said that she’s “small but beautifully put together”.

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