Fuchsia ‘Carmel Blue’

True blue fuchsias are a rarety, and ‘Carmel Blue’ is one of the best. It grows as a free-flowering bush with pale to medium green, fairly small serrated leaves and to a height of around eighteen inches or two feet in a medium-sized pot.

Fuchsia Carmel Blue - blue and white bush fuchsia

The flowers are single with white tube and white recursive sepals, both with hints of pink flush, while the corolla is a clear blue with a white patch. Individual corollas develop a more purple hue as the flower ages, so that the two colours can be together on the same plant as is shown on the example below (2006). Cultivation is not difficult but growing in a cool spot out of the glare of strong sun helps to maintain the blue colour for longer.

Fuchsia Carmel Blue - bush fuchsia‘Carmel Blue’ is not one of the hardiest of fuchsias. I have, however found it to survive well in an insulated cold frame over the winter. Except in the mildest of climates it is best not planted out permanently in the ground – at least, not in the Midlands and North of England.

Fuchsia ‘Carmel Blue’ was raised by Hodges in the USA and announced in 1956. It is still one of, if not the, best blue and white cultivars.