Fuchsia Varieties – A Selection

Initially in these pages I will display brief notes on a range of fuchsia cultivars, especially those which I have grown successfully in my gardens in three counties of England as we’ve moved from place to place over the past twenty years – Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Cumbria.

Incidentally if, like myself at one time, you are confused by the use of the two terms “fuchsia cultivars” and “fuchsia varieties” the fact is that they are commonly used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, a variety is a naturally occuring modification of a species whilst a cultivar is the product of a grower’s breeding programme, usually involving the artificial cross-pollination of different cultivars and varieties. I willingly confess to a less than scientific interchangeable use of the two terms.

Gradually the site is intended to build up to include general articles on fuchsia propagation and cultivation, covering hardy and tender plants of both bush and trailing habit. However, points which are specific to individual fuchsia varieties will be covered in the notes on the relevant plants.

There are now so many fuchsia varieties that it would be impossible for me to include them all. As I said earlier my focus will be on those which I have grown myself.

Please use the navigation bar below the header to find pages on individual varieties.

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