Fuchsia Varieties – Notes on our Blog

Below you will find a list of posts from our blog relating to Fuchsia Varieties, sometimes referred to as Fuchsia Cultivars. Oh, and I do wish people would stop misspelling it as fuschia; I’ll not be writing about varieties of fuschias.

Our main listing of varieties is accessed via the VARIETIES button on the navigation bar.

‘Marinka’ and ‘Jack Shahan’

August 18, 2012

I managed to get the camera tilted while taking this photo but decided to leave it as it is. This is a young plant of Fuchsia ‘Marinka’ grown in a very small semi-circular basket hanging against the wall outside our kitchen window. There’s nothing spectacular about this particular specimen but I love Marinka’s strong red […]

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My Fuchsia Varieties This Year

May 25, 2012

Here in the far north of England it’s the time of year for getting new fuchsia plants into pots and putting them outside. In many areas further south I guess that happened a few weeks ago, but of course suppliers will still be sending out plugs well into June. When we moved back north fifteen […]

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Fuchsia Sporting Legends for Charity

May 8, 2012

Three British-bred FUCHSIA cultivars are available from Suttons Seeds in a special pack of six (two of each), each of the three new varieties being named in honour of an outstanding British sportsman. Fuchsia Sir Ian Botham – Cricket; Sir Steve Redgrave – Rowing; Jonny Wilkinson – Rugby Union. Fuchsia Jonny Wilkinson is an upright […]

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Fuchsia ‘Carmel Blue’ – page update

July 28, 2011

I’ve just now updated the page on Fuchsia ‘Carmel Blue’ and added a photograph from my own garden taken this afternoon. This is one of my favourite fuchsias.

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