Turning the Pots

by admin on August 17, 2011

Recently I spotted a good illustration of the need to turn your fuchsia pots every few days during early growth if you want to end up with a broadly symmetrical plant. This Fuchsia “Beacon” had been left unturned for several weeks. From this side it’s beginning to look quite nice and from the look of the buds should flower even more profusely in coming weeks. (It did!)

Fuchsia 'Beacon' in pot

Fuchsia 'Beacon' - facing outwards from the wall

But look at the other side when we turn the plant around and see the side that had been up against the wall.

Fuchsia 'Beacon' in pot 2

Fuchsia 'Beacon' reverse side

In this case I’m happy to grow this plant against the wall, but if it had been intended for a more open position there would have been a problem.

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