Fuchsias – Site Introduction

The-Fuchsia-File is devoted to what is rapidly becoming (if it has not already become) the gardener’s favourite flower. I’m told that here in the UK, more fuchsias are sold than any other garden plant, and in my humble opinion this is well-merited. I’ve been growing them now for almost twenty years, in pots, in borders and in the greenhouse as a constantly-learning, often error-prone amateur. Here I’m sharing something of my enthusiasm.

As time goes on I hope to add more photos of the various varieties, plus pages on cultivation and propagation, especially looking at different approaches to fuchsia cuttings. You will find a number of pages that are not about fuchsia plants themselves but which list fuchsia books & DVDs and fuchsia pictures and posters.

Oh, before I go, on the right is a cover photo of an excellent DVD on fuchsia growing produced by Thompson & Morgan. I recommend it. Click above or on the image for details.

That’s it for now. Over the coming weeks I’m planning to add back most of the old content on varieties. This is a fundamental rebuild “from the ground up” of the site I started in 2008. To use a gardening analogy, it was a straggly neglected plant so I’ve cut it right back to the ground. Now we’ll re-grow it and adapt as the weeks go by.

July 2011.